An eyecatcher for your promotion

Segway i2

Segway PT Promotion

Speed: max. 20 km/h
Weight (without SRK): 47.7 kg
Range: to 35 km


Due to the high perceptibility of the promotion team, advertising on the Segway PT i2 Promotion leaves a lasting impression. The distribution of product flyers and samples is more efficient than ever before and the increased range of the promotion team also contributes to higher advertising success.

Effective placement of advertising awakens the interest of passers-by. Messages can be printed on a large sign on the front of the Segway PT i2, on the base of the vehicle, on the left and right stationary wheel covers, as well as on the rear mounted flag. The Segway PT i2 Promotion can be fitted with cargo boxes for promotional material.

  • design layout on the base of the Segway PT i2

  • large advertising sign on the front

  • innovative stationary wheel covers

  • bag for promotional material


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