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Segway i2

Segway PT i2

Speed: max. 20 km/h
Weight (without SRK): 47.7 kg
Range: to 35 km

Segway X2

Segway PT x2

Speed: max. 20 km/h
Weight (without SRK): 54.4 kg
Range: to 19 km off road


The Segway PT is the versatile base model and the perfect combination of form, function and fun factors.

The Segway PT was developed for use on a wide variety of terrains. It is equipped with the new Lean Steering technology, a powerful and efficient lithium ion battery and a wireless Infokey for selecting the most important functions. This information center serves as the ignition and informs the driver about time, current speed and kilometers travelled. The active anti-theft function provides effective security against thieves.

With speeds of up to 20km/h, glide quickly indoor or outdoor, in an environmentally friendly manner, with no concerns about parking space. After approximately 40km, charge up on a power point for less than 10 rappen per charge.

The Segway i2 and x2 are street approved and equipped with the Swiss Road Kit (SRK). The SRK comprises the parking stands and a frame with a platform on which the lights (including battery pack) and the number plate holder are attached.

Both models have a maximum permitted load of 118kg.
Valid driver’s license category A1/F to 45 km/h (Scooter) or category B (Car) required.


motion tools GmbH – Official Segway Distributor
Eichzun 4, CH-3800 Unterseen

Tel. +41 (0) 840 42 42 42,

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