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As official, authorized Swiss Segway tour operators, we take utmost care for quality and safety.

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Short Trip "Old City of Zug"

This unforgettable and wonderful tour guides you past the most beautiful places of the city of Zug. We show you the marvellous view over the lake of Zug, the historic city and further interesting sights.

The medieval castle and the churches and towers of Zug make you delve into the past. Furthermore, we will pass the late Gothic town hall which was build in 1505 and which today is a witness of the change of the city and the canton of Zug.

Find here the PDF with the tour description.

What you should know:

Basel Matte Tour
  • Duration: 1.5 hours incl. riding and safety training of 30 min.
  • Price: 99 CHF per person plus transport costs, group quotes available upon request
  • Realization: minimum 4 participants
  • Equipping: we provide per each participants a Segway PT, helmet and safety vest. It's allowed to bring your own helmet.
  • Bad weather: we provide rain ponchos
  • Conditions of participation:
    1. from 16 years on, no license is required, 14-16 years a valid moped license category M
    2. weight restriction between 45-120 kg.
    3. prior use of alcohol, drugs or heavy prescription medication is not permitted

Our services

  • Qualified guides – our professional and knowledgeable guides accompany you on your tour
  • Tour routes – discover beautiful places and hidden corners on your route
  • Relaxed – customized speed allows you to enjoy the tour without missing out on the sights
  • Environmentally friendly – glide along quietly and emission free with the electric engine
  • Rain – we offer alternative dates, gift vouchers or your money back in the case of cancellation due to continuous rain
  • Money back guarantee – receive a 50% refund if canceling after cpmletion of the extensive driving training
  • Photo-Service – our guides will take photos with your camera during the tour upon request
  • Safety and quality certificate of the manufacturer – Segway USA («Authorized Segway Tour»)

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1.5 hours / 99 CHF plus transport costs

Highlights on the tour

  • Lake-promenade of Zug
  • Historic City
  • Late Gothic town hall
  • Zyt tower
  • Church St. Oswald
  • Powder tower und Huwiler tower
  • Bossard arena

Meeting point for tours


at the Braunviehzuchtareal Herti
Chamerstrasse 56
6300 Zug


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