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Requirements for riding Genny

Physical requirements

  • A well functioning musculature of trunk is precondition to steer Genny properly. This musculature is needed for acceleration (leaning forward with the torso) and slowing down or reversing (leaning backwards with the torso).
  • Steering sideways happens through the use of hands or arms. One needs enough strength to push the handlebar sidewards. Both hands are needed to fold down the two handles at the side for transfer or emergency shutdown.
  • No disturbance of equilibrium, a normal sense of balance is sufficient.
  • The driver needs to weigh between 45 and 95 kg.

Further requirements

  • A personal driving authorization (issued by the Federal Roads Office FEDRO) or handicapped ID (e.g. parking card for disabled people) is required to drive with Genny Mobility.
  • The Genny driver is insured for damages caused to third parties (liability insurance). Damages to Genny 2.0, however, are not covered. The driver needs personal liability insurance (for private tours) or comprehensive general liability (for business events) coverage.


+41 (0) 840 42 42 42


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